Timber decking

Timber decks can be supplied in two options: open or close boarded. They are highly resilient, making them suitable for heavy duty applications but are also suitable for the storage of small, light-weight pallets.

Timber decks are made out of a number of wooden slats which are screwed into the battens. They can be made to any size, and they work to enhance the overall safety of the racking system by eliminating the risk of pallets falling through the beam. They can also be used to support stillages or undersized pallets to provide additional support to prevent stock from falling through the racking.

Open panel steel decking

  • Fits virtually any size beam.
  • Decking or shelves are constructed with multiple panels to complete a flat steel, high capacity shelf surface.
  • Capacities vary with profile, length, and gauge of steel.
  • Finish: steel is pre-galvanized.
  • Floor Panels can be used as decking on pallet rack beams or can be used to create a shelf level WITHOUT a beam (additional versa supports needed).

Wire mesh decks

Wire Mesh Decking is widely used in the warehouse as an accompaniment of racks, and as a safety measure on selective pallet rack to prevent pallets or the products stored on them from falling through the racks structure. Wire decking comes in various thickness and mesh dimensions. Most has a U-shaped channel or flared supports to support the loading.

At Storlab we carry an assortment of wire mesh decks as an alternative to safety bars. Each mesh deck has a capacity rating (uniformed distributed load) that can be customized according to customers’ requirements. There are different reinforcement channels to be used for different functions


  • Easy to install— No fastening needed
  • Cheaper and stronger than wood decking
  • Better ventilation and light transmission
  • Decrease fire hazard
  • Improve storage product visibility
  • Free maintenance, economical and long life
  • Improve storage efficiency
  • Sanitary, easy to self-cleaning

Solid steel decks

Solid Steel decks are supported on the beams, with the vertical edge also being engaged, which enables both beams of a single level to be joined. All of this gives the racking greater rigidity.

The different shelves which make up a level slot perfectly into each other thanks to the indentations and side slots.