Steel cabinets

Filing cupboards/ Cabinets / Drawers are ideal for the office as they are used to store paper documents for business records. There are two types of filing system vertical and Lateral, vertical filing systems store documentation in a vertical position as the lateral filing system store the documents in a portrait position. There are many colours that the filing systems come in the two most commonly used are Ivory/Karoo and Hammertone Grey.

Sizes of the Drawer Filing Cabinets:
  • Two Drawer filing Cabinet – 710mm (H) x 470mm (W) x 630mm(D)
  • Three Drawer filing Cabinet – 1320mm(H) x 470mm(W) x 630mm(D)
  • Four Drawer filing Cabinet – 1015mm(H) x 470mm(W) x 630mm(D)
Sizes of Stationary Cupboards:
  • 1800mm(H) x 900mm(W) x 450mm (D)
  • 900mm (H) x 900mm (W) x 450mm (D)

Dry walling, ceilings and components

Dry wall partitioning is an economical and relatively fast and clean way to partition off areas in a domestic, commercial or industrial application. You can choose from the most basic finishes for pure functionality to the more luxurious to suite your taste with a variety of doors and windows and light fittings available. The dry wall partitioning and ceilings can be insulated against noise and temperature which is often necessary when in a factory. Double glazed windows are also available for this purpose as well as a variety of solid timber doors.

We can construct your office, store room, canteen, etc on or under a mezzanine floor working around the existing building structure. Ceiling boards can be cut to fit around existing roof beams and steel columns can be boxed in if preferred.

Steel and wire mesh lockers

One the most useful inventions of all time are steel lockers. Steel lockers play a major role in storing all sorts of items ranging from school books, important documents, sports equipment, to lunches and workmen’s clothes in factories amongst others. The list is simply endless. The lockers that Storelab manufactures can be either free-standing or bolted as well as with plinths or legs. Lockers are often used for the following: The storage of clothing and sports equipment for sports such as bowling, golf and tennis. This sports equipment is very expensive to replace and is best kept under lock and key in a steel locker. Firearms that are kept under lock and key temporarily are also often stored in steel lockers. This is usually a temporary situation such as in the hospitality industry and in clubs.

Lockers play an integral part in the permanent fixture and fittings of our lives in so many different areas. It makes one wonder how on earth we managed without these very handy inventions and what people did to keep their valuable possessions safe before steel lockers were invented.

  • Employee lockers
  • Student lockers
  • Apartment lockers
  • School lockers
  • Restaurant lockers
  • Gym lockers
  • Day-care lockers
  • Apartment lockers
  • Fire and police department lockers
Storelab wire lockers
Storelab steel lockers

Heavy/Light Duty Workbenches

Industrial workbench or packing table used in workshops or on production lines. This range is ideal for packaging in dispatch areas.

  • Evenly distributed weight loading capacity – Kg/UDL.
  • Customized options are available on request.
  • Workbench tops are available in Chipboard, Shutterply, Steel or Pre-galvanised.
Storelab workbenches
Heavy Duty Workbenches
Storelab workbench sizes
Light Duty Workbenches
Storelab workbench sizes alt

Aluminum mobile safety ladders

Our range of Mobile Ladders are Electro Galvanised or Epoxy Powder Coated for extra durability for any warehouse or storage conditions. Designed for safe access to higher storage levels of Racking and Shelving systems. Mobile Safety Steps are fitted with Handrails and include “Kick-Lock” Castor wheels for extra safety and stability.

Storelab ladders