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Increase security and efficiency with customised warehousing solutions for your business

Green bean fencing 1

Green Bean’s preferred supplier for all their warehouse requirements.

Storelab started engaging with Green Bean Learning several years ago and to date Storelab has been Green Bean’s preferred supplier for all their warehouse requirements.

After installing multiple static and light rack configurations Storelab has been tasked with several industrial fencing applications.

The latest fencing project involved the fabrication and erection of a weighted vertical sliding gate system. The objective of the system was to secure the dispatch portal point where the main shutter-door remains open and the hatch is utilised to dispatch stock.

The hatch opening was specifically designed to accommodate the width and height of the delivery vehicles rear load bin. When reversed up against the hatch opening, orders may be easily loaded and monitored with camera footage to ensure streamlined consistency thus limiting potential losses.

The system included a “double leaf swing door hatch” and a pigeon window to access the roller shutter chain.

For ease of operation counterweights with pully mechanisms make the ease of opening the 5900mm L x 2400mm a breeze.

Another customized successful project under Storelab’s belt.

Always innovating better purposeful solutions.

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