Light duty / MiniRacking

Light duty or MiniRacking can be used for light bulk storage, boxes, small stalls, mini warehouses and more. Stronger than shelving and lighter than racking this form of racking is an ideal solution for factories and mini-warehouses where products are handpicked.

Storelab mini racking
Storelab light duty racking
Storelab racking shelving components

Static pallet racking

The most common method of storing pallets is Storelab’s pallet racking for warehouses and factories. A storage system designed to provide ready access to every pallet. Pallet racking is ideal for organisations with multiple SKU’s and is perfectly suited where flexibility, access and speed of operation are the main objectives. Selective pallet racking can be easily adjusted or relocated, making it a very flexible system.

Pallet racking may be configured to store product at considerable heights. It is economical and durable, easy to install and levels are easily adjustable — for a temporary or permanent setting. Available in light, medium and heavy duty options.

  • Easy access to every pallet
  • Can be combined with StoreLab’s light, medium or heavy duty selective storage racking to allow for the storage of a wide variety of non-palletised goods to allow for picking faces at lower down and bulk storage above.
  • 100% selectivity of product.
  • Vertical space is used for increased product storage.
  • May be engineered to meet any load or configuration requirement.
  • Can also be used with steel or timber decks to store un-palletised loads or for picking.
Storelab static pallet rack diagram

Drive-in pallet racking

Designed specifically for high density storage of palletised items, Storelab’s drive-in / drive-thru racking is recommended where multiple unit loads per stock keeping unit (SKU) need to be stored, and where access to every individual load stored is not essential. Drive-in racking allows for the most effective use of space.

The high density of storage attained and the relative ease or accessibility make this rack system ideal for cold storage, bulk storage production areas or pre-marshalling areas. Where an “in-first”, “first-out” operation is required. Drive-thru storage systems require a two aisle configuration, whereas “drive-in racking” allows maximum cube utilisation with one aisle and “first-in”, “last-out” storage. Forklifts have access from either one or two sides of the cube.

  • Single-sided access = Drive-in racking
  • Double-sided access = Drive through racking

All Systems are designed to suite your specific space, size & strength requirements.

  • Maximum utilisation of the available space
  • No isles required
  • Strict control of flow within the warehouse.
Storelab drive-in pallet racking

Cantilever racking

Storelab’s Cantilever racking for warehouses and factories provides the most efficient and economical storage of tubing, bars, timber, textile rolls, furniture and other awkward items. Storelab’s Cantilever structures are especially suitable for long loads that need to be stored, light loads as well as heavy loads. With Storelab’s cantilever racking you can store even the longest of products with ease and there is no struggling between uprights or other obstacles. The system is totally adjustable and therefore provides the advantage of being able to expand with the company. Storelab’s cantilever arm design offers easy assembly. Single and double entry bays are free-standing and a full range of upright and arm capacities ensure an economical system. Besides this, it offers the possibilities of situating the levels at one or both sides.

  • Easy to assemble
  • Easy to adjust load levels
  • Can be designed to cater for a wide variety of loads
Storelab cantilever racking
Storelab cantilever racking example

Have an odd sized load to store?

  • The ideal storage for long & bulky items (pipes, beams, timber, furniture etc.)
  • The system simply consists of a base, uprights & cantilever arms.
  • Available in a single-sided or double-sided configuration.
  • Each system is designed around your specific requirements: From overall height to arm length, to the number of levels.

Tyre racking

Storing your tyres in the most efficient way possible is about maximising your use of space without affecting the quality of the tyres. Here you’ll find tailor-made solutions regardless of the height, depth and width available. Maybe you’re a local independent tyre outlet using small shelving systems, or an international manufacturer requiring a high-rise rack installation. Whatever your size and tyre storage requirements, we can ensure everything is the perfect fit, with a range of options availableincluding vertical and horizontal tyre storage.

Vertical tyre storage

Tyres stored vertically provide you with higher storage density and free up your floor space. Have a smaller warehouse with manual handling? Hi280 shelving is ideal. With spans of up to 2 metres, the tyre racks can be very effective in small spaces.

  • Uprights and shelves made from high-grade, pre-galvanised steel
  • Easily assembled in multiple ways.
  • Easy manual handling
  • Efficiency in small-scale installations
Storelab horizontal tyre racking
Horizontal tyre storage

Designed for larger volume tyre storage horizontally in warehouses, using forklift trucks, horizontal racking for warehouses and factories provide modular designs that enable your storage space to be fully utilised, allowing your teams to benefit from easy handling, storage and retrieval of all tyres for any one vehicle.

  • Compact storage
  • Fast access
  • Scalable for very large installations – single or double depth racks
  • Versatile system available in heights up to 30 metres
  • Various depths and widths
  • Mountable on mobile (MOVO) bases to optimise existing space
Storelab horizontal tyre racking
Longspan shelving

Longer shelf spans, fewer uprights, and the possibility of double-depth tyre storage. The Longspan system is designed to store more tyres in the same space, adapting and expanding to your changing requirements.

  • Increased storage density
  • Solid, stable design for both rimmed and standalone tyres
  • Multi-tier possibilities

Vertical racking

For vertical storage of long goods, such as sections, tubes, rods or strips, a vertical rack is the best solution. For vertical storage of chipboard sheets, the chipboard sheet rack is the first choice, particularly in cutting applications of wooden products. Storelab provides vertical racking systems for a large variety of applications and various industries. Vertical racks and chipboard sheet racks are an integral part of storage technology, particularly in carpenter’s and woodworker’s shops, as well as specialised wood shops and DIY shops.

Vertical racks are used in applications where different types of long goods, particularly strips or tube sections need to be stored in vertical position. These may be supply racks, directly at the workplace, but also presentation racks in showrooms where various designs, dimensions or colour options are to be presented in a customer-friendly manner. The robust design of the rack uprights and transverse beams in tried and tested steel structures are also intended for high loads and are not prone to tilting. Depending on the type of application, the racks may be delivered either as single-sided or double-sided racks. The standard heights of the vertical rack are 2,100, 2,700 and 3,300 mm. They are applied depending on the goods to be stored. The useable depths are 450, 600 and 750 mm, the standard bay widths OHRA are 1,500 or 2,000 mm. For other dimensions, please send us a request.

  • Storage of long goods, such as tubes, strips, sections or rods, directly at the workplace.
  • Option for subdivision by means of separating brackets or separating arms for fast and direct access to the product.
  • Customer-friendly presentation in the sales area.
  • Delivery including fixing materials, foot and side cover panels, as well as anchorage options.
  • Good overview, compact storage, fast and easy access.
Storelab vertical racking