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The Benefits of Using Cantilever Racking for the Storage of Goods

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There is a variety of Pallet Racking Systems on the market today all of which we are able to provide in custom configurations, but the majority of these solutions are designed for storing materials and goods in horizontal rows on shelves at multiple levels.

Cantilever Racking is unique in its application and ability to manage goods that traditionally do not fit on a pallet. Tubing, pipes, bars, timber, textile rolls and other awkward items can all be managed with a solution designed to simplify the storage of goods, provide efficient access, optimise warehouse space, reduce stock damages and increase stock flow efficiency.

Storing long and heavy items

Cantilever racking is especially suited to industrial applications where long or heavy materials need to be stored indoors or outdoors. A solution can be designed and customised for a unique application and the specific goods that need to be stored. In general, heavier goods are more difficult to store safely on a shelf or traditional pallet rack system and cantilever racking can be used to manage these goods effectively.

Accessibility and configuration

Cantilever racking systems provide easy access to odd objects being stored, even at higher levels and a well designed solution can easily be reconfigured to manage a changing inventory and different objects that require storage, reducing the need to invest in additional storage or replace storage for different goods. Click HERE for more information and a range of our solutions.

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A long-term solution

Cantilever racking is a cost effective long-term solution to handling specific materials and goods but will ultimately provide a flexible storage solution that will benefit your business by increasing efficiency and productivity where it matters most.

Our secret lies in providing services no one else offers. We reinvent storage solutions to enhance space for companies in any industry. Our integrated approach meets every requirement for both industrial and commercial storage systems. If you would like an assessment of your current system or a quotation for a new solution, please Contact Us today.